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“VentaVid is definitely an essential tool as we move forward from lockdown.”

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VentaVid is a Personalised Video Messaging platform for Sales and Service businesses across a range of industries.

VentaVid delivers a VIP customer experience, building trust and longer lasting relationships.

Service Programs Australia

Use in Sales

Service Programs Australia

Use in Service

 Personalised video messaging has become a must-have for businesses focused on increasing trust and transparency in Sales and Service Departments.

In Sales, responding to enquiries using branded, personalised video messaging streamlines the sales process and improves lead to conversion success, delivering outstanding customer experience. Video messaging can be used to enhance every step of the sales journey, from initial enquiry to demonstration and post-delivery follow up.

In Service, sending a branded, personalised video showing the need for additional repairs identified during a routine service greatly increases trust and repair approvals. Any additional work recommended is clearly costed and itemised for the customer to approve instantly with a one-time-use unique security PIN.

VentaVid Personalised Video Increases …


Transparency and Trust


Customer Satisfaction




Quick and Easy to Use…

Step 1.

Use the VentaVid App to record a short video. With the Pause button, you can stop and start as often as you want, recording as much or as little as you think necessary to communicate the key information, from a complete walk around to one specific vehicle feature or service issue.

Step 2.

Add a title to your video and a short, personalised message. For service items, add recommendations and pricing for instant customer approval. Send the video professionally packaged with your business branding and the senders direct contact details.


Step 3.

Receive a notification when the customer has viewed the video and act on the customer’s response (repair authorisation, test drive request, order confirmed etc). Access extensive performance analytics for each location, department and staff member.

Professional and Effective.

More than 80% of customers respond immediately after viewing their personalised video message.

VentaVid gives customers a personal connection with your staff, is branded for your business and personalised to the customer.

Used in these industries…

Car Sales and Service

Commercial Vehicle Sales and Service

Motorcycle & Marine Sales & Service

RV & Caravan Sales & Service

Plant & Equipment Sales & Service

ATV Sales & Service

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Our Products

Vehicle Visuals

Vehicle Visuals - Save Time & Sell More Service and Repairs.

A subscription to Vehicle Visuals gives you access to hundreds of high-quality animated videos to help you explain service and repair recommendations to customers in a way they will quickly and easily understand. 

Vehicle Visuals reduces the amount of valuable time needed to explain recommended maintenance and repairs to non-technical customers. Use in service reception and waiting areas, send by email and SMS or use in your marketing and social media to promote your services and educate your customers.


VentaVid - Personalised Video Messaging for Sales and Service.

Make a personal connection and establish instant customer confidence and trust with personalised video messaging.

Quickly and easily record and send high quality videos, branded for your business and personalised from individual sales or service team members. Take your sales showroom or service department direct to your customers with a 'just like being there' video experience that builds trust, improves customer experience and drives sales.


vvGarage - The Marketing App for Automotive Workshops.

Longer service intervals means fewer opportunities to build relationships and customer loyalty. Stay connected to your customers with your very own branded smartphone App for iOS and Android.

Quickly and easily send high-impact service specials, promotions and news to the App. Customers can request bookings through the App, access a range of useful motoring and lifestyle features, and refer friends and family to your business using the App.

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