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Need a website? Relax, we’ll take care of it.


Our website design and development package is convenient and hassle-free, so you can focus on running your business.


Website Design, Development and ongoing Management.

Our website design, development & ongoing management plan includes everything you need to have a modern, high performance website.

A modern and professional website is the starting point for your online business presence, but finding a web design team that speaks your language and offers transparent pricing with no hidden extras can be frustrating.

Our complete design, development and maintenance plan combines all the costs of a website into convenient monthly payments with no hidden extras. Everything from design and build to ongoing maintenance, unlimited content updates and changes is covered.

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$249 + GST per month*

*Minimum Term 24 months.

Can I Pay Upfront?

Sure you can! If you want to pay for the site outright it’s $4,500 + GST, plus $600 + GST per year for hosting.

For sites purchased outright, you’ll have full access to your website to make any changes you require. Additional charges apply if you require us to make the changes for you (images, updated contact details etc).

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Our proven solutions...

VentaVid Video

Personalised customer experience, faster repair approvals.

Today's customers value transparency, convenience and personalised service higher than ever before.

VentaVid video is a game changer for service and repair businesses who are focused on delivering a service experience that exceeds customer expectations and makes your business stand out from the crowd.

High-value repairs such as brakes and suspension, and smaller value items such as cabin filters, brake fluid services and belts are all easier to sell with video messaging, adding significant additional revenue to your business every single day.

The key to VentaVid is its flexibility. In an instant, users access the VentaVid app to quickly and easily record professionally branded video messages and updates at any time during or after a service, safety inspection, diagnostic procedure, pre-purchase inspection, performance tune, engine rebuild, vehicle restoration, or accessory upgrade. In fact, in any situation where you need to share a video message with a customer.

VentaVid is a huge help to Service Advisors - it reduces time spent selling over the phone and speeds up the approval process. Most customers respond with a repair approval in less than five minutes. 

Customers love receiving engaging and informative VentaVid videos, frequently mentioning them in feedback surveys and online reviews as a key reason for their satisfaction with their service experience, boosting your customer satisfaction, retention and sales.

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VentaVid video

personalised customer experience, faster repair approvals.

VentaVid is a game changer for service and repair businesses who are focused on customer satisfaction, retention and revenue growth.

The key to VentaVid is its flexibility. In an instant, users access the VentaVid app to quickly and easily record professionally branded personalised video updates for customers at any time during or after servicing, safety inspections, diagnostic procedures, pre-purchase inspections, tyre fitting, performance tuning, transmission reconditioning, restorations or accessory upgrades. In fact, any situation where you need to share video with a customer.

Any recommendations can be clearly costed on your branded video page for customers to approve instantly.

Customers love receiving engaging and informative service videos, with most responding with positive repair approvals in less than five minutes.

Vehicle Visuals

Vehicle Visuals

Technical explanations made easy.

If you ever need to explain what happens when a timing belt breaks, how a Diesel Particulate Filter regenerates or the symptoms of warped brake discs, Vehicle Visuals is a must-have.

Used by more than 50,000 service advisors worldwide, a subscription to Vehicle Visuals gives you access to hundreds of informative 3D animated videos that can be sent to customers by email or SMS to remove the technical jargon and quickly help them understand how various vehicle systems work and why they need repairing.

The animated videos can also be added to digital inspection reports, service reminders, newsletters, social media posts, websites, played on waiting area TVs, or used in your digital marketing to promote your services and educate your customers.

They're also frequently used to help train non-technical service advisors, giving them more confidence in their day to day conversations with customers.

Vehicle Visuals can be integrated with MechanicDesk, Workshop Software, Automation, or any corporate POS, CRM, eVHC or ERP software for a seamless addition to your sales, communications or quoting process.

SPA Digital 

HASSLE FREE websites with convenient monthly payments.

With our all-inclusive website design, development and management package, your website will never look tired and out of date.

If you need a new website but find the whole process confusing and alarmingly expensive, we simplify the process and ease the pain. Our combined website design, development and management package removes the jargon and high initial outlay. Everything is clear and cost-effective.

Whether you're a new business needing your first website, an established business still using your original one-pager, or you've realised that Facebook alone just doesn't cut it, contact us today to discuss your needs.

SPA Digital

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